Our team

Our world renowned International Specialist Training Academy continually strives to create a more secure world by protecting people, infrastructure and nations from the full spectrum of global threats. 

Our Management Team

Our senior management team is comprised of former Tier 1 United Kingdom Special Forces personnel who have collectively gained many years of operational experience as practitioners and in operational command. The management team is uniquely placed as experts in their field of speciality, having spent a number of years working commercially and with international Special Forces groups and government agencies.  In meeting our clients’ needs and mission sets, our management team is structured to offer objective advice and guidance to enable domestic and international organisations with critical security objectives to accomplish innovative and cost effective solutions. 

Our Training Team

Our Specialist Training cadre is a proven training partner with global operational experience. Formerly being Tier 1 United Kingdom Special Forces personnel, our Specialist Training cadre is comprised of highly skilled experts in the fields of anti and counter terrorism. The training cadre is supported by subject matter experts (SME’s) with a world class reputation in intelligence, operational expertise and enabling technologies. All our cadre employees have held Developed Vetting (DV) clearances and currently hold security clearances through the UK Defence Vetting Agency. Additionally, our cadre hold professional accredited teaching qualifications, diplomas and advanced degrees in education. The training cadre has been recognised for its unprecedented ability and experience in delivering training in accordance with Systems Approach to Training (SAT).

The proven benefits of our approach are:

  • Expertise – Acknowledged as cutting edge in delivering the full spectrum of operational risk management and tactical application of domestic and international expeditionary and counter terrorism training.
  • Quality Assurance – Proven ability in enabling a Learning Management Process that administrates, tracks, documents and reports on training programmes, including knowledge assessments. Our Quality Assurance (QA) is central to our delivery and is exemplified by our ISO 9001 certification.
  • Relevant – Organised to deliver a rapid response to emerging enemy tactics, techniques and procedures. Our developed proprietary knowledge base and knowledge management process ensures relevancy in requested doctrine change to meet emerging threats. Our process in conjunction with our global network enables us to provide best practice and current operational risk management, tactical application, planning processes and implementation.
  • Mobile – We are equipped and structured to bring the training to you and our Mobile Training Teams (MTTs) can provide immersive and interactive training solutions worldwide.

Our Instructors

Training Manager-AH

AH left the Army in 2011 after 27 years’ exemplary service attaining the rank of Warrant Officer 1st Class (RSM). For the first 7 years of his military career he served with the 2nd Battalion the Parachute Regiment, the latter 20 years with the 22nd Special Air Service (SAS) Regiment.
During his military service he worked extensively overseas in the most challenging of environments and saw operational service in Northern Ireland, The Balkans, Sierra Leone, Iraq and other classified areas. During his time with the SAS, AH was the Chief Instructor and Training Wing Sergeant Major for UK Special Forces selection and as such he was personally responsible for the day to day management of the training and selection of potential SF candidates  into the UK Special forces Group, overseeing 11 instructors and over 300 SF candidates. He has also been involved in the delivery of training tasks to overseas governments and military forces.
Since leaving the Army AH has been employed as the Training Manager with G4S Specialist Training responsible for the day to day management and delivery across the full suite of G4S Specialist Trainings syllabus of courses both in the UK and overseas. AH has deployed on training tasks on behalf of G4S to the Far East, Africa and continental Europe. His extensive knowledge gained from military service compliments his civilian qualifications in training.

Instructor -RW

RW left the Army in 2004 after 22 years’ service attaining the rank of WO2 in the Parachute Regiment.
During his military service he worked extensively overseas in the most austere of environments and saw operational service in Ireland, Bosnia, Kosovo and Iraq.
Since leaving the Army he has worked within the security industry in a variety of roles including Executive Protection, Hostile Environment and the Oil & Gas Industry. 
His primary role in the training team is to provide instruction on the Phoenix Close Protection course, utilising his knowledge and experience gained from 11 years within Close Protection.
He is also trained as a Risk Mitigation Instructor allowing him to assist with UK and overseas training tasks.

Instructor– MD

MD - Left the British Army in 2002 after 25 years’ service attaining the rank of Warrant Officer Class 1 after long service starting in a line infantry unit and finishing with a 16 year career in UK Tier 1 Special Forces (22nd Special Air Service Regiment). In MD’s full military career he has had extensive overseas experience in some of the most austere of environments and saw operational service in Ireland, Balkan’s, Middle East, Africa, the Far East and Central America. Since leaving the Military MD worked for 13 years in a multitude of security disciplines providing security services for numerous clients from ‘Blue Chip Companies’, Global Media outlets and International Oil and Gas Companies; once again in some of the most challenging environments such Melanesia, East Africa, the Middle East, Balkan’s and the former Warsaw Pact Countries.  
His roles within the training team are to provide instruction on the Phoenix Close Protection,Hostile Environment Training (HET) and other Risk Mitigation training courses; utilising his considerable knowledge and experience that he has gained within the security profession. Since joining G4S MD has deployed to North and East Africa teaching Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT) to Gas and Oil personnel and NGO’s.

Our Support Team

The training team is supported by a large administration team, who assist in the smooth running of our facilities and the effective administration of our delivery.