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"In January this year I completed an MSO course at G4S specialist training, on completion I joined the G4S careers web site and my CV was forwarded to the maritime operations office in Djibouti. I am currently on deployment in an MSO role employed by G4S and have found the training delivered on the course to be invaluable. The instructors at G4S have a wealth of knowledge and experience. You will also find the food and accommodation to be of a very high standard. I would like to take this opportunity to say thanks to everyone from the senior management to the girls in the kitchen for making my stay a pleasurable one" ( Ex-Para )

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"I am sure there are many people who like me are leaving the armed forces shortly and considering a career in the private security sector. This will bring you to the task of which training provider you entrust your valuable resettlement time and grant with I was in this position and had short listed 3 reputable companies, with G4S amongst them. Someone I know completed the course and highly recommended them to me, and respecting his judgement, swayed it for me I can honestly say without reservation that the course was excellent, the instructors, all who have very impressive military ( SF) backgrounds, but more importantly have huge industry experience in the private sector, and add to the mandatory SIA criteria with real life experience and expertise. The instruction is pitched at the right level, and injected with enough humour to make the lessons as enjoyable as informative.

Everyone on the course I attended passed the SIA test, under rigid exam conditions, including 2 overseas students, and I'm sure, as I did, came away after 3 weeks training as well prepared and trained as possible. Apart from the training, the support to the course is fantastic. The accommodation, food and housekeeping is truly second to none. In summary, I thoroughly enjoyed the course and would recommend it to anyone who is unsure of which training provider to choose. You will receive an interview on completion of the course, which may or may not lead to employment, but at least you are jumping one step ahead of the employment process by not having to have your CV pass through the filter. My thanks to all at Longworth Hall for a fantastic 3 weeks" (WO2 Guards)

"I would like to thank all Phoenix staff for highly professional approach and care they gave us. Despite the fact that I got couple of years hostile commercial experience within CP - both Iraq and Afghanistan (I am ex-SF) - I must say everyone can learn something new from the Phoenix course. Phoenix instructors have my full respect for their knowledge. It is really visible that the guys speak from a lot of years of practical experience.

I can highly recommend the course to all of you who want to join the CP business. The Phoenix course give you a real idea what is CP job about. This is a very wise investment in future CP career - for both hostile and non-hostile. Once more many thanks both Phoenix staff and students on the course. All guys were very supportive, friendly and created excellent 3 weeks atmosphere." (Overseas Student)

"I would recommend this course to others, the level of instruction and the instructors were excellent. This course reached every expectation I had and more."

"I thought the course was taught to a very high standard due to the experience and knowledge of all the instructors. It has definitely prepared me for working in the CP sector. Really enjoyed and gained a lot from the past 3 weeks."

"Cannot fault this course. I think the level of experience, knowledge and instruction by all instructors was superb!"

"Hi,Just a quick email, to say thank you for an outstanding course! It was enjoyed very much,and you can tell it was professionally planed and delivered to an exceptional level, I have never enjoyed learning so much!"

"Thoroughly enjoyed my time here under the direction of the D.S. & the service from all staff – instructional and support.  Had an excellent group to work with & will come back for additional courses’."

"Very enjoyable course, very glad I chose it over some other providers.  Would like to add a big thank you for all the instructors at Longworth Hall.’"


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"The course was great, good info's, GREAT instructors, medical training equipment was way above my expectation, even with my English I was able to fully understand everything, good accommodation, the food excellent and everybody was more than friendly. So, all the best to everybody and KEEP UP GOOD WORK !!"

"I learnt more about First Aid in 4 days than I did in 13 years in the Army"

"The course was conducted with the utmost professionalism and dedication. it was a pleasure to be instructed by two obviously, experienced medics. 'Nog and 'Tug's' extensive and real-time medical experience coupled with their refreshing and no-nonsense instructional techniques i personally believe is the key to why my course in particular was a success for every student. I know the two instructors from a previous unit and this is no way based on this affiliation. Nog and Tug are a credit to G4S and epitomise what the Risk Management strand of the company is all about. It was a real pleasure to be instructed by such experienced individuals and i fully recommend others to do the course and take away what i did - a massive confidence in being able to deal with all the nasty things that can happen to people in everyday life - whether in a hostile or benign environment. Please pass these comments onto your team and the instructors themselves".

"Just wanted to thank you again for a great course! I thoroughly enjoyed my time with you all and have learnt a lot from your knowledge and experience. As a trainer I know it can be quite difficult when you have someone from a different background but again thanks for adapting it to my requirements and for your patience with my constant questions!!!Hope to attend another course with yourselves in the future mate!"

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" Having recently attended courses through G4S Specialist Training I would thoroughly recommend them as a top quality training provider for service leavers like myself.  The instruction is first class with a breadth of knowledge and experience in many different fields and the facilities are first class.
The staff at Longworth Hall are welcoming, professional and second to none.  An area often over looked is the house keeping team whose dedication and friendly approach take away all the stresses associated with any training environment.  The food is first class, the accommodation excellent and the staff ensure there are no problems....this undoubtedly makes the course easier as you can focus solely on the course and not have to worry about any outside interference. To all the staff, once again a big thank you. "